Sanjeevini Foundation is a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) Registration Number of this organization is BK4-105/2018-19BK4-105/2018-19 established in 2018. The main purpose of Sanjeevini Foundation organization is to provide life security through the rehabilitation programs for all elderly who have been deprived of the family affection, for senior citizens who have been disadvantaged by the poor families and the victims of disaster caused by the fire in accordance with the circumstances and situations. Firstly, in society, children and women, especially children and women of the poor families, are suffering from various problems, for some or the other reason, due to misfit husbands, ie, the alcohol addiction of the husbands, is making them suffering from anxiety disorders. The incident is often seen as a self-inflicted crime by dismissing their bodies by burning their bodies with anger at the moment to intimidate family members.

These are the parts of their helplessness, children and women are accidentally in the kitchen, as a result of the bursting of the cooker, as a consequence of hot water, due to the unsafe gas cylinders, are being subjected to hazards. Especially when children play with fire accidentally sustain burn injuries as well as the electrical shock caused by such problems. Likewise, the most recent fact is that the emerging factor is to disrupt their bodies due to love failures, failure in the exam, parental abuse, and insult in school.

In everyday life, many males, females and children are suffering from fire accidents for many reasons, particularly women suffering from such issues. We hope to provide life security through rehabilitation programs, as well as those who have accidentally disfigured their bodies and support their current situation.

Sanjeevini is home to fire injury victims. And to support the destitute children and senior citizen’s through rehabilitation and shelter and to protect children by providing them with the necessary meals, clothing, housing, and medication and entertainment programs, thus keeping them safe and looking at their well-being.

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