Sanjeevini is really acting like a Sanjeevini for children and women of poor families who are the victims of burn injuries that are caused as a consequence of accidents and helpless conditions. They have been mentally physically reformed and their lives and mental conditions are improved by rehabilitation programs. Such rehabilitation programs are as below. With the help of individual counseling and group counseling, self confidence is given to those who are mentally depressed to those who are physically injured by burn injuries and counsel their family members as well. They are prepared to fight with their present conditions.

Our organization's beneficiaries hail from very poor families. Our continued treatment is to help them cure quickly and work suitably. The organization pays their medical bills so that the medications that are routinely executed and it should not be interrupted by their financial problems. The economic situation of such a poor family are improved. Some guidelines are given to them that can be used to access free dressing for burning injuries by professional nurses at the beneficiary's home so that the burn injuries are not infected.

Food grains are provided to all our beneficiaries, especially women and their families, who have sustained burn injuries for food security. Food grains are given to them each month until the burned body gets into normal condition and they begin to work.

Study materials that are annually required for all children who are harmed by fire accidents are provided and uniforms and school fees are taken care by the organization. The organization is working as a torch light for the future of children. The injured children are motivated with self-confidence through counseling to retreat to the school. The organization is helping them to go back to school to continue the education.

Physiotherapy treatment

  • Physiotherapy treatment
  • Post surgery cell

    The birth is choice less and the death is uninspired. The life in between is very diverse, wonderful, bizarre, and fascinating. Everyone has to go through childhood youth and old age in this means of life. True to say, it is not easy to take care of child without parental care and household life without a spouse and good friend's guidance and children’s support in the ages. But this is not easy as we perceive. I realized this fact only when I entered into the old age home i.e., senior veteran's shrine. It is natural that every Indian wishes to have children grandchildren and live with family members. But there are some problems and necessities that make them to live aloof from their families.

    Relationship has lost its relevance due to modern life style, Nuclear family system, selfishness and money and so on. Human values have lost its value. This development has made man's relationship irrelevant. On the one hand, today’s children are discarding all their relationship with their elderly parents. On the other hand, children have lost their humanity and making their parents to find a livelihood on streets. They admit their old parents to some hospital giving wrong address and escape. Thus, our organization is working for nurturing the elderly and providing rehabilitation to old people who are separated from their children. Our organization is supporting the destitute elderly citizens. Every day, we provide a meals, clothing, housing medical facility and medicines for their lives. They are lovingly treating them and offering entertainment programs. The old people are treated physically, mentally, emotionally in an efficient way and are protected.

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